Don’t forget to Share The Harvest!

With archery season starting this weekend, I just wanted to remind everyone to participate in Missouri’s Share The Harvest program if you can. It’s a win-win situation for all those involved and it’s easy to do. Just go to a participating meat processor and donate as little as a single pound of meat or the entire deer. The Conservation Federation of Missouri has increased their per deer donation this year to $75. That means that $75 of a whole-deer processing cost is covered under the program. Other local organizations might cover any additional cost so there is a good chance that your whole-deer donation will cost you nothing.

To find out what the processing cost will be, contact the meat processor you want to use before you get there. A list of participating processors can be found here:

As you enjoy the bounty of your success this season, take time to help out those in your community that are less fortunate. It gives hunters a good name and it will make you feel good.

Be safe!

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