2018 Board Candidate Biographies

Justin Glastetter

  Hello, my name is Justin Glastetter. I am 35 years old and I reside in Jackson, Missouri, which is in district 9. I live out in the county of Cape Girardeau with my wife of 14 years, Heather and my two children, Carleigh 8 and Gunner 3. I have worked as a Sheriff’s deputy since the age of 21 and also been active in the Missouri Army National Guard. I recently switched gears a little and made the transfer to full time National Guard and work at a local armory. This was a no brainer for me, as it allows me more time with my family and normal work shifts. I wasn’t fortunate enough to grow up with a father that could take me out and show me the great outdoors as he suffered from an illness. However, little did I know that when I met my wife, I would be thrust into the world of hunting and fishing full throttle. My father in law, took me under his wing and onto his hunting property and taught me all that he knew. I still believe he took me out there to put a bullet in my back but you can change anyone’s mind when you offer to buy the mornings honeybuns and coffee.

Seeing as I had never even hunted at all, it took no time at all and I was involved deer, duck, turkey hunting and Bowfishing. I eventually found myself lucky enough to win a Black Widow bow, which I promptly took to Canada and harvested a nice black bear. Since that time I have harvested several deer and sat in a stand many hours. I will reluctantly admit that I am not what you would call a rather lucky hunter. I haven’t harvested many animals but I cherish every moment I have in the outdoors. I have been overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and passion that I have seen from the members of the UBM for the sport of hunting and the continued preservation of the wildlife conservation. I look forward to taking my children out into the outdoors and teaching them all that I know. I realize the importance passing on these values and skills to others so that the sport of hunting and the thrill of being out in nature can continue on well after my time here. If given the opportunity to serve on the board, I will do my very best to promote the sport and the UBM with great honor. Thank you.

 Joel Davis

  I’m running for Re-election as a United Bowhunters of Missouri Board Member because I enjoy being involved with helping out and participating in our UBM community events.

Deaf Camp every year is one of the highlights of the year for me to help the hearing-impaired children shoot bows and enjoy the Life Skills weekend camp. I’m a father of a 17-year-old special needs child named Tristan with severe autism that’s non-verbal. My wife Aimee and I have raised Tristan to be an outdoor boy that really enjoys getting out in the woods to help our family/friends look for antler sheds, he also loves to play with the fish I catch, and swim behind the boat while Dad fishes. So, you can see why Deaf camp is really special to my son Cole and I to give back to other special needs children.

Bow Hunting Standpoint: I call myself more of a deer observer and land management steward these days, because I’m always good for missing a giant buck every year with my recurve. I spend 90% of the year prepping for bow hunting by planting food plots, trees, native grasses, and hinge cutting for the benefit of wildlife, and to provide my son Cole Davis opportunities to harvest wildlife with a bow. Cole had his first bow kill this last season as you all know from his UBM Article about harvesting the backyard buck the first time ever bow hunting, which thinking about send chills up my spine. I LOVE IT!! My life has certainly taken a 180-degree change these past five years with my son coming of age to hunt, it’s not all about me bow hunting, but now I have more thrills teaching and watching my son bow hunt, along with my nephews sparking interest in shooting traditional bows.

UBM Duties: I’m currently taking over the UBM Festival Auction donations that we graciously receive from vendors and our fellow UBM members, so I’m going to give it my all to carry on the great job that’s been set before me from our UBM Auction Team.

My goal as a UBM Board member is to continue participating in all the UBM events that I’m able to attend and create new younger UBM members to carry on the bow hunting tradition that’s been taught to me by other UBM members.

I really enjoy out close knit UBM community! Please let me know how I can better serve and take on more duties to help our organization continue to flourish.



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