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Welcome to the United Bowhunters of Missouri! We are a family-oriented organization that promotes the sport of archery throughout the state and tries to exemplify the idea that bowhunting should be about the skill of the hunter and not the wizardry of the gear they use. We pursue animals only by using Fair-Chase methods and strongly believe it is better to go home empty-handed than harvest game by any means necessary.

UBM History

The United Bowhunters of Missouri was founded in 1987 by a group of like-minded individuals living around the Kansas City area. They were concerned about the erosion of their hunting rights and the inclusion of new technologies into the archery season so they decided to create an organization that would closely interact with the Missouri Department of Conservation to make sure that their voices would be heard.

Over many long meetings at the house of Larry and Brenda Hudson in Harrisonville, the ground rules were set and a charter was created. Folks involved in ground work became the first board; Wayne Allen (chairman), Robert Dyer (vice chairman), David & Sherry Alkire (membership directors), Marvin Cochran (Director of conservation), Dale Dortch (membership committee & records keeper), Gene Eakins (treasurer), Larry Hudson (secretary), Bill Westpfahl (membership committee). All people involved gave $100 each to start a treasury fund and to buy a state license. Our first task as a group was helping MDC with teaching a bowhunter’s education course.


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